Mar. 30th, 2009

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If you commissioned me at or before FWA and still haven't received your art, I apologize -profusely-.

I had a surprise patient dumped on me immediately upon my return with whom I have been & will be working 12-hour days, which has proven problematic. Not that I never have time to draw, as she's a mercifully low-maintenance patient, but because it's put a lot of additional stress on the bone bruise I managed to give to my right arm(which I use for drawing) a week before FWA.

This is not any excuse, of course, and it's not to say that I haven't/won't be working. Despite these and a couple other complications(some art supplies have gone missing, but those can of course be replaced), I've been working hard in my off hours and am trying hard to finish as much as I can-- I just wanted to let everybody know what's up, and apologize for the delays.

Thank you, and take care!
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