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Smile, motherfucker, 'cause I am here to make you laugh.

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I am...

activist, admirer, adult, animal lover, artsy, bisexual, bold, clever, complex, curious, extrovert, fangirl, fat, female guy, flirt, full of love, full of hate, knight, lady, monster, nerd, outgoing, outspoken, over the top, pro-choice, pro-gay, pro-thought, queen, self-defined, sex positive, sister, survivor, tricksy, unashamed, woman, working class

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Let's get one thing straight.

I'm not a "bad grrrl"-- I am a bad person.

This Journal is Friends-Only. It's nothing personal-- Just drop me a line if you add me, and I'll probably add you back. If you get cut later on, it's probably still nothing personal-- I just tend to do that.

So I guess this is who I am, or at least who I show you I am. It's probably more honesty than the people who see me most days will ever deal with. I'm twenty-six, female, fat, 5'5" and have very large red hair. I have lots of little holes in my body, an unhealthy obsession with My Little Pony, monster trucks, and raccoons. For some reason, I have groupies. Perversely, I think I might kind of like it.

I grew up primarily overseas, but have been back in the US now since I left home at 18. My current "home of residence" is in Savannah, Georgia, but I'm basically nomadic these days. Currently in Northwest Alabama, and slowly getting closer to scratching my eyes out. I hate it here, but I guess I'm stuck for right now.

I love my friends fiercely.

I will tell you the straight-up truth about my feelings on a matter, whether or not it's what you want to hear. I learned the hardest way I could fathom that this is the only way things should be, and it's a mistake I don't care to repeat. More people dislike this than appreciate it, but I place value on candor.

I like bladed weaponry and generally am never unarmed. I used to play bass guitar and someday, I will again. I enjoy large-block engines, videogames, Jimmy Buffet, behaving like a Pirate and wearing a hoodie in the Summer when it is entirely unnecessary. I have been known to deal out unnecessary amounts of retribution when I feel it's warranted, and can be more than a little on the mean-natured side if I have to be, though I'm an upbeat sort overall. I like shitty karaoke bars, loud music, and spending my nights playing pool & BSing with friends. I drink entirely too much, and everybody I know seems to accept this just fine. The way I see it, I've earned every Captain & Coke I feel like knockin' back.

I swear a lot, though I know it's immature. It's so thoroughly ingrained as a part of my everyday vocabulary these days though, I just sound pretentious when I find other words to use instead.

I crochet.

Off the record, I sing in the shower. And dance. And subsequently, fall down sometimes.

There's me. Take or leave.

PLEASE spay and neuter your pets.

PLEASE spay and neuter your pets. Pet overpopulation is no joke.
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